4 aspects of morality

Is There Morality in War?

In attempting to answer the question whether all means are legitimate in the conduct of war and whether in war there is morality , we will look at two

The Dunamis Word

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We, Most Blessed Sacrament Parish of Toledo Ohio, a people dedicated to the Eucharist – pledge ourselves to a greater awareness and sensitivity to the

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Betrayal (Empty Coffin, #2) by Gregg Olsen - Reviews, Discussion

Betrayal has 221 ratings and 72 reviews. Laura said: A DNF - while the plot was interesting, the writing was getting to me and I gave up after the banan.
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Disturbing and Provocative Art

As a MIT department declares: "Graphics that depict dark aspects of history—such as violence, intolerance, racism, aggressive nationalism, war

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Attention is paid to the aspects of Christian morality seen as a harmful element of human existence.

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The Tikvah Fellowship is a paid one-year program for exceptional individuals interested in the political, religious, and intellectual future of the Jewish people.

Prosociální chování a altruismus v nouzové situaci - Časopis

Příspěvek prezentuje vybrané výsledky řady výzkumů prosociálního chování a altruismu v nouzové situaci. Walters, R. h., Brown, M Studies of reinforcement of aggression.